The advancements in VR technology has barrelled on since its advent, but breakthroughs in some critical areas has remained elusive. But in one such area, the manual synchronization of multiple GoPro footage feeds, there is an unfolding somewhat of a giant stride. Timecode Systems has closed ranks with 360RIZE to develop a ground-breaking virtual reality (VR) model that obviates some time-consuming manual processes in 360 video production.


The model, known as SyncBac VR, is basically made up of a 360RIZE multi-camera rig that carries multiple GoPro HERO4 cameras paired with SyncBac Pro sync devices for GoPro cameras, and these can be controlled with smart devices via the BLINK Hub app.


It has been established that BLINK Hub eliminates the need for guesswork in VR video recording. It minimizes the pitfalls inherent in monitoring multiple video streams by making possible circumspect observation from one central screen. No matter the number of cameras mounted on a rig, with the BLINK Hub app, you can control every camera like they are all just one. By cutting out some strenuous manual processes, BLINK Hub allows for more energy and focus to be directed toward the creative and artistic elements of the project. The integration of SyncBac PRO products into the SyncBac VR system allows for swift real-time updates of VR projects.


The latest addition to 360RIZE’s VR 360 Plug-N-Play line of products is designed to carry between six and twenty-four GoPro HERO4 cameras in a spherical configuration, all fitted with SyncBac PROs devices. This facilitates the creation of frame-accurate timecode by each mounted camera, simultaneously allowing for long-range wireless synchronization of multiple cameras over a strong RF. By offering the operator the capability to start and stop recordings at will, the setup allows for a seamless flow of filming and perfected creative renditions. The edit team, who’s work is stitching together the media files of each camera’s memory cards, also work in free-flow as the data in each memory card are embedded with a similar timecode.

SyncBac VR is a versatile apparatus. It can be deployed in traditional television broadcasts, professional video production, video pet projects, and just about any project that entails the use of multi-camera sets. It is designed with a finesse that is on par with the state-of-the-art professional filming set-ups. In fact, by taking the world of professional film making by storm, the product is arguably raising the game in 360 video filmmaking. Not only does it allow the operator to completely cover all angles in the shoot, it also presents on a simplified settings interface intricate functionalities that optimize the shoot.


Another big plus of this equipment is that it furnishes wireless remote control of multiple cameras from one central screen. The SyncBac PRO units support a link between Timecode Systems’ pulse and the BLINK Hub app, allowing for concurrent control over every camera at any point time. Through the BLINK Hub app installed in a smartphone or tablet, the operator attains cruise control over all the cameras mounted on the 360RIZE VR rig. Among the functionalities built into the BLINK Hup app are camera battery monitors, camera resolution regulation, frame rate alteration, as well as the capability to carry out a number of crucial camera settings. Nevertheless, the equipment is easy to set up and operate.


360RIZE, who’s parent company is 360Heros Inc, is a virtual reality technology powerhouse. It aces in creating sophisticated 360 video camera systems with resolutions as high as 12K. The company is also into VR media management, with the 360CamMan –the first of its kind in the world– as its flagship media management application. The company’s main drive is to vitalize the creative spirit of video producers (professionals and amatuers alike). With it’s inventive 360 Plug-n-Play line of production, it furnishes optimal camera management, even on the cinematic level of production. These products are designed to allow for versatile use of cameras, in a way that makes for easy set up of thorough-going multi-camera configurations as well as optimum single camera filming.


Timecode Systems ( maiden name Timecode Buddy) boasts a track record of mold-breaking innovations in wireless workflow VR technology. Chief among these innovation is the wireless timecode control, which allows for the sync of timecode data through Wifi on multiple smart devices. Since its inception in 2012, Timecode Systems has been unrelenting as a trail-blazer.


With the two companies joining forces to forge the ideal filming equipment, the filming industry is poised to turn a new leaf in 360 video production; one that sees an increase in flexibility and versatility in film-making.

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