We’ve rounded up a few 4K TV reviews so that you can decide for yourself if it’s worth your time and money to go ahead and purchase one.  4K, also known as Ultra HD (UHD) TVs have been around for a couple years but producers of the TVs have only now been able to find the balance between cost, quality and good features.

The following 4K TV reviews (To learn more please visit http://www.gadgetreview.com/best-4k-tv)are broken down by size because we figure you have already decided on one for a particular room in your house. Hopefully this list will help you decide for yourself which TV, if any, is right for you.

Best 65”-LG 65EF9500 65-inch 4K Television

LG’s 65EF9500 was the top pick for the best 65” TV of 2016 and this was not a judgment made in error.  The TV is very slim with a 0.25 depth, making it a sleek and beautiful crowd pleaser. The refresh rate, 120 Hz, is great for fast-paced TV like sports and live concerts.

However, it’s the OLED technology that really sets the TV apart from the competition. It has unmatched color depths with the darkest blacks you will ever see on a TV set.  However, that amazing color representation isn’t cheap. Though the LG might break the bank, it will look great on your wall and, honestly, the price tag is worth it because this TV smokes the competition.

Best 50”- Hisense 50H7GB2 4K TV

This 4K TV looks great for the low price tag. Usually Chinese manufacturers are a huge red flag, but this particular TV packs a punch with premium features and an outstanding viewing experience.

The cost makes a little more sense when you see the thickness of the set and the contrast ratio, 3050:1, leaves much to be desired. But this is definitely the best set for the price and if you are on a budget, then it is the TV for you!

Best 60”- VIZIO P602ui-B3 60-inch Ultra HDTV

Vizio TVs used to be considered at the bottom of the pile but they recently have upped their game.

Maybe the company got tired of all the jokes, or maybe they wanted to be considered one of the big boys. Either way, their effort entering the 4K world is a solid one with the P60ui-B3 having great apps and a rich, beautiful picture.

Best 55”- Samsung UN55JS9000 55-inch 4K TV

Samsung is a TV company that is a pioneer in the smart TV game and its efforts in the 4K realm are living up to expectations. The UN55JS900 has a great ratio that show all the depths of the color spectrums which includes Samsung’s patented “Auto-Depth Enhancer” technology. This automatically adjusts the ratio based on what you are watching on the screen, ultimately guaranteeing your best viewing experience. This TV has great apps and has all the features you would expect from LED over OLED. It is by far the best purchase you can make for under $2,000.

Best 70”- LG 70UF7700 70-inch 4K TV

Capping off these 4K TV reviews is another LG set, but for good reason. The 70UF7700 is an amazing 4K TV that won’t completely drain your funds. It is the perfect centerpiece for your living room with its beautiful design and rich, gorgeous colors.

Like it’s smaller counterpart, it has a fast refresh rate which is great for action packed TV. The LG WebOS 2.0 Smart TV system is included with the set which is absolutely great and has a remote that is movement based; allowing you to just pain to the app you want to view. LG just cannot be beat.

So whether you are looking to save a few bucks or maybe spend a few extra, the previous 4K TV reviews should help you decide for yourself which set will be best for your particular room. If you have a little extra money, and a little extra room, then go for the LG sets. However, if you are looking to be a little more frugal, the Vizio or Hisense will do just fine. I can guarantee, however, that none of the sets mentioned will disappoint. Happy hunting!

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