The Best flooring company was founded in 1953 by Sidney Feldman. This company was first based in Indianapolis. After doing business in this place, Feldman felt that there was not enough competition I the floor covering industry. He and his friend exploited the opportunity by starting a business to service contract builder, and that’s how Best Flooring company was formed although at that’s time it was known as Craftsman Floor Covering.

Over the years the company has renamed over the time. When Feldman Family decided to open it as part of the Big Bob’s Carpet and Big Bob’s Flooring franchise, it changed the name again. Big Bob’s Flooring is now an international franchise that was started by the Dave Elychar who is also known as “Big Bob”. Dave is the proprietor and also the manager of the first store that opened back in 1983. He was personally involved in our Indianapolis Division’s establishment which was known as Big Bob’s Indy.

It’s this level of commitment, it kept Big Bob’s few steps ahead of the Big Box Stores, better pricing and great customer experience. Although Big Bob’s Indy was not associated with Big Bob’s Carpet and Big Bob’s Flooring, it boasted of richness in experience. In fact, it combined more than 300 years of experience. Before becoming Best Flooring, Big Bob’s Indy mostly worked outlet specialising in flooring specials including products such as mill overruns, overstocks and discontinue. The store benefited mostly from the buying power of the Big Bob’s Carpet and Big Bob’s Flooring.

But Big Bob’s Indy Changed to Best Flooring after it changed ownership to Jeff Dawalt. The company was given NHQ Certification with NAHB in 2006. The same year, the company won plenty of awards such as Best Subcontractor of the years by Davis and Estridge Homes. It is also the only two-time nominee and winner for The Estridge Homes ‘president’ Award. The company boasts of its wide array of flooring options. At Best Floors, we pride ourselves for our home inspection technique- ‘Best Inspect’- that eliminates any installation issues before closing. The company also installs the flooring for home edition, local habitat for humanity and Extreme Makeover among many others.

Today, the company has moved from the Broad Ripple to the Northwest side of Indianapolis from where it’s capable of meeting the customers’ demands. The company boasts of its wide range of flooring options that customers can choose from. Here are some of the main flooring options that you can get from Best Flooring:

Types of the Best Flooring  

• Hardwoods Flooring- This type of flooring is one of the best that you can find in the market. It is where by woods are used in flooring. The flooring can be done with various types of woods giving rooms for any choice. Depending on the type of woods used, the floor can be made to be scratch proof, temperamental and highly resilient. Best flooring undergoes through different finishes such as width, grades, species, styles and benefits of each kind of wood used.

• Stone and Tiles Flooring- This type of flooring becomes the best due to it endless options of designs. It comes with various types of shapes and colors which can be arranged to bringing out a very beautiful pattern. Stones and tiles flooring is also suitable in a high traffic areas. Ceramic tile gives dynamic character in the room due to it unique texture and color. On the other hand stone are stable and strong thus making it very durable.

• Laminate Flooring- This is a great manufactured type of flooring. The flooring comes in numerous colors and shapes. The flooring somehow resembles natural stone, hardwoods, and ceramic tiles amongst other types. Laminate is a very affordable type of flooring and also easy to maintain.

• Vinyl Flooring- This type flooring imitates the look of tile flooring, textures of stones and even the pattern of hardwood. It comes with great selections of styles. Vinyl flooring is designed to be resilient and they come with some sought of elasticity and water resistance properties.

• Carpet Flooring-This is one of the traditional flooring that’s high accepted by many. It’s super versatile and it comes in different cuts and styles. They are very affordable making it one of the reasons why many people prefer them to other flooring options. It has plenty of advantages such as stain resistance making it easy to clean and to maintain.

At Best Flooring, we offer nothing but the best services. We pride ourselves on being one of the most experienced commercial and residential flooring service providers. Ewe emphasise on DIY products to make the installation as simple as possible. Contact any time you are in need of flooring services.

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