About Us

Hi, I’m Joseph and welcome to Futurism News- a one stop Blog and one of the most reliable online resources for computers and tech gadgets for students and non-techies. Futurism News is based on two pillars: simplicity and practicability. My objective is to provide you with simple and practical advice concerning computers and tech gadget devices.

The story behind Futurism News

With so many online resources that offer advice about computer and tech gadgets, you might be wondering “why Futurism News?”. While it is true that there are many resources that offer such advice, the information offered is often vague, inadequate and not practical. In addition, such information often involves the use of technical language. With these current challenges in mind, I conceived the idea of starting Futurism News. Futurism News was founded in 2016 with the mission of being different and providing computer and tech solutions that are practical, simple and easy to understand. It is based on the knowledge that not everyone understands tech language and so the information provided on Futurism News is so designed that even non-techies such as homeowners and senior citizens can navigate without much difficulty.

I wasn’t really a tech-savvy person when I was growing up. In fact, I rarely thought about computers and gadgets for an extended period of time. However, this changed when I enrolled in college. It was then that my “intellectual curiosity” concerning computers, gadgets, and technology was aroused, so to speak.

During my junior year, I experienced challenges finding straightforward and practical answers on the web concerning computer and other tech gadgets. This was frustrating, to say the least. However, I realized that whenever I would post a question on the question and answer sites such as Yahoo Answers and Quora, they would get answered in a heartbeat and in an easy to understand way. As time went by, I became an active and regular contributor on computer and tech gadgets on these sites and often had my answers ranked as the top answer to many questions.

I wasn’t a techie or compunerd per se, but I found out that I could understand and offer advice on tech related issues if I read well enough about them. It took time and effort to become proficient in tech related issues. Also, with the recognition that no one person can answer all the questions, I built a team at Futurism News to help with all your computer needs and questions.

Futurism News comprises of a team of dedicated computer and tech enthusiasts who work around the clock to ensure that your computer is in good working order. What we basically do is, take the complex tech jargon and transform it into an easy to understand form in order to provide tech related advice and solutions for the layman (non-techie).

In today’s rapidly evolving computer and tech landscape, people who are not well versed in innovation and modern technologies can face serious challenges. Moreover, different tech gurus offer conflicting advice and this only serves to make matters more complicated.

At Futurism News we are committed to the highest standards and a certain code of ethics that we strive to abide by.

What we do

1. We take the complex tech jargon and transform it into an easy to understand form for non-techies.

2. We provide practical advice on Mobiles, Computers, Electronics-Apps and other Tech gadgets.

3. We simplify complex advice regarding computer and tech gadgets.

4. We actually do real life testing to ensure that the information provided at Futurism News is accurate and reliable.

What we don’t do

1. We don’t solicit or promote inferior and low-quality tech gadgets.

2. Provide advice on theories that we ourselves have not tested (We only provide advice that actually works).

3. Advise you to buy expensive and high priced computers, tech gadgets and accessories that don’t give you value for your money.

4. Provide favorable and biased reviews to companies for pay.

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The team at Futurism News works hard to ensure that we are a one stop blog and that you do not have to go or search anywhere else for advice concerning computers and tech gadgets. As has been mentioned above, the advice on Futurism News is unbiased and has been tested for practicability.

In case you have any questions and would like to contact me or a member of the team, please find us here.