The best Xbox One headset should offer an outstanding quality of your gaming experience. A high quality headset should provide the best sound staging and an excellent immersion. The right headset should also be comfortable enough to allow you easily getting through your marathon gaming sessions. Unfortunately, the headset that comes with Xbox One, does not offer most of these hallmarks.

If you are a gaming enthusiast who wants to get the best out of the Xbox One gaming console, you will definitely need to upgrade your settings with a better headset choice. In order to make your selection process easier, we provide this list of the best Xbox One headset currently available on the market. You can choose from them, whether you’re looking for an outfitted model with a range of EQ setting for a personalized touch or an entry-level model featuring virtual surround sound.

Offerings that are budget friendly

Polk Audi Striker ZX

The Striker ZX is one of the best Xbox One headset models out there. Even if this is not the sturdiest pair, the L-shaped, large arm present on the headset gives it a distinctive edge over the traditional models. The resulting functionality and audio quality outshine by far its construction flaws, allowing it to provide precise sound and crisp highs no matter the media used. When needed, the flexible boom microphone can extend a couple inches from the left cup. The Striker ZX features, like similar offerings, a welcome chat loop function that allows users to hear their own voice in the headset regardless the rumble of the battle. Thanks to leather padding and a molded headband, this headset model is also comfortable.

Plantronics RIG Flex LX

When it comes to headsets and headphones, Polk and Boss are brand names of great notoriety. However, Plantronics is a brand that increases fast in its popularity on the audio market. The RIG Flex LX headset from Plantronics is one of the manufacturer’s well build products. The item comes at a very affordable price, yet provides high quality and performance. The headset balances well function and form. The 40-millimeter drivers are managing to deliver detailed highs while providing punchy lows. The headset has excellent directionality and features three distinct EQ settings. An added comfort comes from the perforated ear cushions. The dollops of color add to the aesthetics of the headset. Tweaking the balance between chat audio and game is easier than on most competitor models thanks to a set of dials used instead of buttons.

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One

Turtle Beach is well known as one of the premiere headset manufacturers. Even if its wired Ear Force XO One is considered to be just an entry-level model, the product benefits from an impressive range of features only found on headsets much more expensive. The 50 mm speakers provide deep low-end and crisp treble. They allow also bass boost. Above the gaming noise, the adjustable microphone monitoring gives you the possibility to hear your own voice. Users enjoy the utmost comfort thanks of the mesh ear cushions. You can use them in conjunction with the removable, high-sensitivity microphone or just alone. You won’t find something better in terms of function and sound at such an affordable price.

Xbox One Chat Headset

When it comes to your gaming experience on an Xbox One console, the headset that comes by default is not the best option you may have. Fortunately, Microsoft’s Stereo Headset gives you a better, upgraded choice. This lightweight item feature comfortable cups and a retractable microphone, along with a glossy black design. The headset is designed specifically for gaming, providing an accurate and rich sound stage. In addition, you can alter the headset’s audio chat and game balance on the fly for fine-tuned segration.

HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset

Comfort is a bit difficult to find when you peruse the market’s low-end headphone selection. The HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset manages to talk about comfort usually reserved for gaming headsets that are more expensive. Many rely on add-ons as well as extra features to be noticeable. As for the sound, Kingston’s offering makes a commendable balance between hearty highs and lows, with an amazing sense of directionality to rival. All of these are set with a solid aluminum frame and in the back is a pair of replaceable velour and leatherette earcups. The tangle-free cable, inline controls and removable boom microphone for adjusting the mute functionality and volume merely add to the product’s appeal.

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