Gangster’s limited edition G Series is a premium quality Bluetooth 4.1 headphone that features a revolutionary technology in the audio industry. It is known for high sound quality, lightweight, comfort and uniqueness. It blends gold and pearly exterior with a unique Gangster logo on the outside section.

Not even the Crusher Skullcandy or Bose headphones with the same features can be compared to the Gangster limited edition. It is powerful and comes with everything included.

Below are the main features of Gangster headphone that offer real results than its competitors in the market:

Gangster headphone design

You will recognize Gangster headphones with the unique logo on the outside – a uniquely designed letter G. A simple logo, thou eye-catching from the first time you have a glance at it. It speaks for itself.

Whether you put it together with other headphone brands such as Skullcandy, Sony or Bose; the Gangster logo is still unique. It is an identity.

The sleek and tough design with an easy to control buttons makes it handy. It’s inside section has a waterproof white cushion. Users can comfortably adjust the size to fit the head. The frames are waterproof, shockproof, snow proof and dustproof.

Gangster LLC manufactures a durable and robust headphone to withstand rough handling. Whether in sports or gaming industry.

Headphone connection technology

This headphone uses a Bluetooth 4.1 technology. It pairs with any Bluetooth device within a 30 meter range. With Gangster limited edition headphones, you will not experience any incompatibility issues.

Distance is never a problem, as long as you are within range. You will enjoy superior audio clarity. This is because this headphone uses 40mm stereo drivers to reach a frequency response of 20 to 20,000 Hertz to deliver premium sound.

It pairs faster with other Bluetooth devices. The connection remains stable and it does not compromise on sound quality even when you are on the extreme end.

Also, every Gangster headphone come with a Gangster audio cable. This guarantees a hustle free connection.

Gangster headphone users can receive calls using the built in mic. So, whether you were listening to favorite tracks from an iPhone, you will comfortably receive all phone calls.

Besides, with its multifunctional buttons, you can control volume and navigate playlists. That is, you may opt to skip between tracks, pause and play.

Battery life

15 hours of music playback is good news for most music lovers. Remember, this is just from one full charge. This is better than most headphone brands such as Skullcandy, Sony, Bose or Beats by Dr. Dre.

Again, Gangster Bluetooth headphones take 1 to 2 hours to charge to full capacity. You should use the Gangster USB or Micro USB cable.


Gangster headphones are cost competitive – almost half the price compared to competitors. You can’t find Beats by Dr. Dre or Bose headphones with the same qualities and performance going for the same price. The G-series retails at $139.99 while the G-series bundle retails at $229.99.

Also, all Gangster headphones come with G travel bag and bandana.

What’s unique about Gangster LLC?

Unlike most headphone manufacturing companies, Gangster LLC is on a mission to help troubled and less fortunate youths in America. It is for this reason that the revenue Gangster headphones will generate is to be shared with non-charity organizations such as The Youth of America.

The company aims to create an alternative name for “gangster”. That is, to help build a story by supporting American youths.

This implies, by buying a Gangster headphone, you will be saving the American youth as you receive a set of headphones and G gear.

Through this, Gangster LLC will create a G-house. This will be an ecofriendly and sustainable environment aiming to mentor the youth and take less privileged kids off the streets.

This social cause aims to help youths understand and appreciate that everything is possible. Be it attaining: necessary work skills, skills for societies, nutrition, education and giving back to the society.

It for this noble idea that Gangster LLC, wishes to build a brand name and raise awareness through Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaigns. This will also help the company generate funding to start full production of the complete line of Gangster products.

Other Gangster products include: waterproof cellphone case, solar powered battery powered external battery pack, hat, audio cable, cable 8 pin and micro USB.

Of course, this campaign is attainable, but through your support.

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