The kitchen is the heart of every home

It’s said the kitchen is the heart of every home and we couldn’t agree more. Be it small or big, this is the place where food is cooked that fuels our bodies’ minds and souls of friends and families all over the world. Some say that while life may be created in the bedroom, it is certainly lived in the kitchen. Some tend to agree while others not so much. Where do you stand on this?

Lifestyle influences

Much of the importance of this room does depend on the size of the kitchen, earlier kitchens were much smaller and separated from the rest of the house, and they did not have kitchen stone hoods. Family and friends would dine in the dining rooms. The kitchen was only meant for cooking purposes and it was easy to hide any messes. Earlier kitchens didn’t have much importance as dining and living rooms did.

Kitchen were used solely for cooking purposes

Kitchens were for cooking. We all have memories of our mothers (in some cases the father or both parents) slaving over a stove, working tirelessly over countertops, preparing delicious, filling and nutritious meals that the family enjoyed and savored together. In some cases children were told to keep out of the kitchen – mother’s workspace –  so that mother could prep and cook. In most cases children were encouraged to join and learn the art of cooking, the joy of preparing a family or holiday meal together, thus creating true memories of a lifetime. Kitchens are not sedate and quiet rooms. They are rooms filled with energy, aroma and texture. They were created with a purpose, one purpose in mind. They were created to be utilitarian spaces.

The kitchen wasn’t always where the family gathered together

In medium and large sized homes the kitchens were big enough to seat a whole big family for breakfast or snacks but other important meals were still meant to be had in the dining rooms. A family meal meant much more in the past then it does now due to changes in lifestyles in modern times.

Is the kitchen the new living room?

Over the past 2 decades kitchens are so much more than just a space for cooking, newer homes were designed with kitchens as living spaces in mind and so these rooms became larger to better accommodate family and friends as an additional space for entertaining.  Many kitchens began to open up to other rooms, yet some remained separate spaces. These newer, larger, more accommodating kitchens now had space for large tables, kitchen stone hoods and islands were planned in to create a natural flow for those coming and going. Much more thought was being given to kitchen design and functionality. The idea of the kitchen as a living space was becoming more and more popular and those with smaller kitchens in older homes started to take notice. As a result homeowners started to alter and enlarge their own kitchen spaces to follow the “trend,” both for lifestyle and resale purposes.

Is kitchen size important now?

Today the importance of a good sized, productive kitchen is cannot be underestimated. It is, according to many, the most important room of the house. In today’s real estate, a house’s resale depends greatly on its kitchen. Older kitchens must be made to look newer, more streamlined and more modern. For resale purposes, it is not unheard of for sellers to bring in new accessories like kitchen stone hoods, paint and appliances are brought in to help the sale.

What is the importance of living and dining rooms now?

In today’s modern times there’s not much attention being paid to separate living and dining spaces. More attention is being paid to the kitchen space, the kitchens layout, design and functionality. There are still those who will argue and tell you that their living and dining room areas do matter greatly, even if they are only used a couple of times a year. Again, much of this is reflective on way of life

Today’s kitchen is so much more than just a kitchen

They may still be called kitchens but they are indeed so much more.  Today’s kitchen is today’s family living space. These large rooms house several areas within. There is the kitchen area – the designated cooking space – thoughtfully, carefully planned and laid out. Then there’s the dining area within the kitchen, usually large enough to hold a table that comfortably seats 6 or more, and finally, in many of these larger kitchens, is the sitting area, so that in effect, the whole family can hang out together while cooking, working or relaxing. Many new homes embracing the more casual lifestyle are being built without a dining room or formal living area. For those who enjoy entertaining and do so often, even the homes with formal dining and living areas find that the crowd usually gathers in the kitchen.

Kitchen size does matter

The size of the kitchen does matter but those who already have smaller kitchens didn’t really agree. Only if you’ve lived in a house with a big fancy kitchen with kitchen stone hoods then one would understand. Those who are used to big kitchen spaces gave the size of the kitchen the most priority.  Lifestyle was a large influence as well. Those who enjoy cooking and entertaining via the kitchen as an important and integral space – contributing greatly to family life, even if the space was not large enough to be “lived in.”  For these people kitchen efficiency is very important. For families where cooking and eating is very much a part of their lifestyle and tradition, cooking, teaching, sharing recipes, and passing them down from generation to generation was important to many – and this is done in the kitchen, regardless of size, with the belief that cooking with a child, or as a family, is an important moment in family life and not to be dismissed or taken lightly.

Kitchens never stop changing

Kitchens are always evolving, according to architects, designers and realtors. Kitchen appliances such as dishwashers, coffee makers and kitchen stone hoods are always changing.  Kitchen functionality and design is ever evolving based on today’s busy and varied lifestyle, with much thought given to where we are dreaded in the future.

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