Microsoft has created more powerful versions of its Surface Book and Surface Pro 4.  These newer models have the Intel Core i7 processor, 1TB SSD hard drive, 16GB RAM and a Nvidia graphics card.  At a hefty $3,200 for the Book and $2,700 for the Pro 4, one would expect these models to outperform anything that comes their way.  Not that these items are not a drop-in-the-bucket when it comes to price, Microsoft is also unveiling the Surface Gold Pen for $60.

It is a wonder why you see most people walking around with iPads.  Anyone looking to spend money on a tablet is most likely not willing to shell out the bucks for these models.

Standard model pricing:

Microsoft Surface


Depending on your use, the original  flavors may be fine, but if you require a powerhouse tablet to run the top-notch high-end programs and output, and you have extra money laying around, these new versions are for you.


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