A gamer who knows what he wants probably requires a great headset to go with your box. Whether you are looking forward to play “Battlefield 1” with your buddies or play an online game, a quality headset should be much more than simply a means of chatting with your teammates. A decent gaming headset should deliver the utmost immersion and a pinpointed sound stage. This allows a good hearing of peppering explosions and footsteps approaching your peripheral wall well before an opponent descends on you. It should offer a superb audio quality, a design, comfortable enough and a reliable microphone saving you the hassle of setting up your home theater speakers.

There are plenty of fantastic headsets of the Xbox one in the market. There are some that are marked as being compatible with Xbox but some of the additional features that prompt you to shell out some extra bucks won’t actually work at all. This is why we have rounded up and narrowed the selection to six best Xbox gaming headphones to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

1. Razor Kraken Pro V2

This is certainly the top most pick for any gamer getting an Xbox headset. It is everything a good gaming headset should be. The Kraken Pro V2 will perform everything you would wish without getting bogged down in irrelevant features or giving you a run for your money.

The headset has been spectacularly tuned to the needs of a gamer delivering an exact audio you would expect. Its fully retractable unidirectional mic perfectly delivers your chat saving you the electric buzz of cheap headsets. They are super comfortable thanks to the molded leather padding of the ear cups. Pro V2’s design is simple and sleek and is more into performance than the looks.

2. HyperX Cloud stinger

HyperX Cloud Stinger delivers absolutely total amount value at $50. If you are a gamer that targets good quality audio but doesn’t take much interest in the unnecessary bobs and bits or the frills, then this is definitely the headset for you. It is a perfect headset for beginners. The cloud stinger is compatible with a number of platforms including the PlayStation 4 and your personal computer. Its drawback is it isn’t so strong hence the need to handle it more careful.

3. HyperX Cloud Revolver

The Cloud Revolver defines the meaning of a quality gaming headset too and goes well head to head with the Razor Kraken Pro V2 in almost everything. Notable differences between the two is seen in their prices and aesthetics. This headset comes with a fairly generic detachable mic but provides clear commands giving a guarantee of your team hearing and understanding each and every word. Those who do not mind throwing a few extra bucks get a luxurious design with this headset that screams quality and is incredibly versatile.

4. Turtle Beach Stealth 420X+

It’s a whole different experience when gaming with the Turtle Beach Stealth 420X+. This headset unleashes the full wireless capabilities and absolutely no tether required. You get to enjoy true 100% wireless freedom. A wireless USB transmitter provided is plugged in your Xbox and a one time sync gets you going. This headset could probably be among the best sounding headsets in the world but has a downside. Its comfort level is not guaranteed for long gaming hours. But if you really don’t mind as such Turtle Beach Stealth 420X+ is as well a fantastic headset.

5. SteelSeries Arctis 3

This headset is the debut model in the SteelSeries’ new Arctis line up. The outstanding headset is a great choice over the Arctis 5 and 7 which have features incompatible with the Xbox. However the Arctis 3 makes it up with its impeccable design and performance. Its easy to use ear cup controls and a retractable mic gives a casual gamer a thrilling intimate experience. Its audio is not anything revolutionary and an all you need headset for most casual gamers.

6. Microsoft Xbox One Stereo Headset

The Xbox One Stereo Headset is doubtlessly a budget friendly pick for a gaming enthusiast that does not require to deal with frills and fancy features. It’s basically comfortable with soft ear cups. However this headset pinches a little bit tighter hence can’t deliver an entire evening gaming session. It’s packed with a stereo headset adapter but for $50 the HyperX Cloud Stinger is a better value pick.

These six Xbox one headsets guarantee you a happy gaming session. 

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